Saturday, November 27, 2004

"The Incredibles" Evangelism

Movies and other popular forms of entertainment have long been useful tools for evangelism. According to some people, there are four life questions that are common to all humans:
  1. Where do I come from? (question of origin)
  2. Who am I?/What am I doing here? (question of value and meaning in life)
  3. Where am I going? (question of destiny and life goal)
  4. Is there justice?/Will the good win in the end? (question of justice and morality)
Most popular movies seek to answer one of these themes which are close to people's hearts. Movies are little worlds on their own into which we have a peek. We should think critically about the movies we watch: what worldview does this represent? How is my worldview different from theirs? How should my worldview as a Christian be different? How can I use the movie as a springboard to talk about biblical truths?

Watched "The Incredibles" today. One line from the movie was a shoo-in. Mr Incredible, in his interview early in the show said about his never-ending incredible task,"I just saved the world. Sometimes I just wish the world would stay saved." Enough to start a post-movie conversation on the One who did save the world once and forever more.


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