Monday, November 22, 2004

Internet Pornography

We had a great discussion over the weekend on internet pornography. Internet pornography is a real and pressing problem but pornography itself is not new. Sin has always been present. Technology just creates new and more convenient ways to sin. Or rather, humans are so sinful that they would use every opportunity to sin. Some of the boys suggested some "Christian" technology:
These are really spybots with "Christian" packaging marketed as godly software. They are no different from the spybots offered in or one of those spam mails sent to the junk mail folder of your hotmail account. So even this technology can be used for godliness (to keep each other accountable) and for godlessness (to spy on others (although it is another discussion altogether whether this is a sin) or, as some wisecrack noted, to exchange porn sites).

I have threatened to put a trojan in the next bible study summary I put on the study group site if people will not give up sinning in this way. But this just puts the fear of discovery and embarrassment in people. It does not put the fear of God in us. Ultimately, we don’t want to be Pharisees who follow the letter but not the spirit of the law. And we are not to feel proud and self-righteous if we don’t sin in this way. We sin in many other ways. It is a question of change of heart and mind to be God-fearing and God-loving and to love our neighbours (including our neighbours of the opposite sex).

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