Thursday, November 18, 2004

MRT Evangelism and Edification

Back from the place where the hot air is thick with the smell of fish sauce, pho, strong coffee, exhaust fumes and whiffs of drying urine on the pavement and the days are filled with the incessant honking of daredevil motorcyclists, the roads in Singapore seem surreally quiet and clean. On board the spanking polished MRT, I was trying to mug for this weekend's PTC exam on the way to work this morning when I realised how to we could make use of "dead" travelling time for evangelism too. Notice how really bored people in MRT trains crane their necks to read over the shoulders of their neighbours? Why not take along a good evangelistic book or the good bible and edify ourselves while letting them read something life-changing?

I was also greatly encouraged the other day when the lady sitting beside me whipped out the ARPC Prayer Bulletin and started praying through the items on the list. Take heart staffworkers, your monthly efforts are not all for nought! People do read that stuff and pray through them! I wouldn't be surprised actually that when we all stand before God on the Last Day, it may be these stalwart faithful backroom prayer warriors who will get more commendation than the people listed in the prayer bulletin.


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