Friday, December 10, 2004

Abraham's Children

A colleague was traumatised to discover that she'd been singing the lyrics to "Father Abraham" (who apparently had seven children, but do we see that in 1 Chronicles 1?) erroneously for the last 26 years. In a very Singaporean mishearing, she'd thought that of all of Abe's children, "none of them were bright" instead of "none of them were right" and was convinced for the longest time that the church was unfairly prejudiced against stupid kids. She only discovered her error when she got her young son a CD of bible songs for Christmas this year.

For hilariously misheard lyrics of secular pop songs, check this out.

Songs can be powerful platforms for communicating biblical interpretations of God's truth. They can also be frighteningly effective vehicles for entrenching misinterpretations and heresies.

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