Saturday, December 18, 2004

Christian Comics etc

Christmas always makes me think of comic books. Growing up, my brother and I had poverty-level pocket-money and Christmas was one of the few times we had enough dough to acquire comic books. So we spent the rest of the year poring over very well-thumbed comic catalogues, regularly picking up comic reviews from Comics Mart, haunting comic swaps, favouring dark graphic novels by indie publishers not from the Marvel or DC stable. I wonder how our lives would have been different if there were good Christian comics/graphic novels on the popular market.

If God's given you the talent, it's a great ministry to consider. Comics and indie graphic novels reach a very different audience from your usual Jane-Austen-tea-and-cupcakes-in-the-garden kids and teens.

Here's what some people have attempted (to various levels of success in conveying the complete truth):
As you can see, there's still much scope for good biblical Christian comics/graphic novels!


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