Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Countdown

Spent a nice Christmas eve lounging on red-cushioned deck chairs, toeing the soft sand, cooled by a steady sea breeze, sipping freshly-made ice lemon tea languidly discussing the Gospel of John, playing scoopball and scoffing down tender chicken curry and crispy baguette, fragrant chicken wings glistening hot from the grill and finger-burning thin-crust pizza washed down with Heidseck, while board-surfers silhouetted against the lazily setting orange sun, blonde hair tensed with anticipation and lean tanned bodies taut with hunger waited for the next good wave.

Counted down to That-Day-Which-Isn't-Jesus'-Real-Birthday lying on the beach under the clear night sky, contemplating the stars and appropriately, talking about the wonder of finding Christ.


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