Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Cow and Potato

Another completely cold wet grey rainy day begged for a sizzling juicy filet mignon snuggly wrapped with long generous strips of pancetta and glorious fat steaming chips so hot from the oven that chunks of cheese melt on them and smother them lazily. Didn't have any sensible dependable vintage cheddar, so had to take up with the fickle gruyere who grudgingly melts to give you long lovely cheese tendrils then suddenly changes its mind and gets cold and solidifies quickly. A night to have friends over and take out a few cold beers from the fridge.

Was reminded today how all our bodily appetites are God-given and are nothing to be ashamed of. We were created to derive pleasure from eating and drinking. And with thanksgiving to the Lord, we have in Christ the absolute freedom to eat all types of food and partake of all types of drink (in godly self-control of course) and delight in his creation. Thank God for that!

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