Thursday, December 09, 2004

Hwee's CD saved my life!

Really. a practical way...from smashing my face through the backseat of the car in front...

Was crawling jerkily down the expressway in a horrible afterwork jam in a grey drizzle and was so drained from days of mind-numbing work and lack of sleep that I could hardly keep awake, let alone drive, and let alone minister to the person I was going to meet. The radio was dead so I popped in Hwee’s CD “In a Little While” and was slowly reminded, through the words of her songs, of the greatness of our God ("In the Beginning" from Genesis 1, Revelation 4, Two Ways to Live, John 1 etc), the comfort of the assurance we have in our secure relationship with him (the "Romans 8 Song" on Romans 8:38-39) and what a massive mind-blowing honour and privilege we, his puny creatures, enjoy that he deigns not just to notice us but also to save us and sustain us ("Fulfilled in Christ" on Philippians 4 and Matthew 6) and work everything for our good in Christ. This knowledge revved up enough energy in me and searchingly challenged me ("I'd Rather Love" from 1 Corinthians 13) to relate patiently and lovingly to my friend who had fallen away from the faith.

A very helpful CD! It's common for non-believers to be either jealous of another's skills and talents and wish them on themselves for fame and fortune or to worship these talented people as gods and give them fame and fortune. Being in the family of Christ is so so very different. We rejoice in one another's gifts and thank God for them knowing that as different parts of the same body, all these gifts will be used for our common good to help and encourage each other towards Christ. Thank God for you and thanks for using your gifts in this way, Hwee!


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