Friday, December 31, 2004

Lush 99.5FM

The office is closed for New Year's but I'm still here trying to complete some work without falling asleep. Accompanied by Lush 99.5FM, the new station which commenced transmission at 7.25am this morning, 995 minutes before 2005 (some attempt at significance I guess). Chris Ho will anchor the mornings and Vivien Tan the evenings. Sounds showcased are supposed to be "sexy, sensual and smooth". Guessing chill-out, triphop, downtempo, urban lounge and nu-jazz. Hoping for Thievery Corporation, K&D Sessions, Hotel Costes, Stephen Pompougnac, Heineken Green Room, Velvet, Liquid Room, Soundbar, That CD Shop grooves. So far so ok. Said Bernard Tan, "The radio tower has a penthouse suite and 995 is the number on the door."

Which reminds me that Mr Playboy Mansion himself, Dimitri from Paris, will be at Zouk tonight. The Zouk complex will be transformed into a "Zouk Manor" with manicured gardens, colourful socialites and welcoming masseurs.

But having more than 120,000 dead, worrying about friends in tsunami disaster areas and "celebrating the new year" does not jive (although I think this kind of directive says worrying things about the perceived insularity of Singaporeans). Plus there's the ARPC Family Dinner at Turf City. And, as a friend pointed out, we oldies might hurt a few youngsters with our flying dentures and should stay away for the common good.

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