Sunday, December 12, 2004

Weekend Morning

One of the nicest things to do on a weekend morning is to be slowly drawn out of a restful sleep by fingers of sunshine warming your face, to lope to the kitchen in your PJs and put some fat sausages on a slow fire and allow them to sizzle lazily to juicy skin-bursting perfection while you make a pot of hot tea, wander back to the bedroom for a snuggle in your still-warm duvet while your still-slumbering housemates are unwound from sleep by the smell of sausage wafting through the gap under their bedroom door, to pad together back to the kitchen to caramelise chopped onions in the sausage juices, and fry up some French toast and finally to sit around, cup of hot tea in one hand and dribbling hot buttered toast in the other, and chat languidly about your week.

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