Saturday, December 04, 2004

Ye Ole Godgiven Voicebox

Gave the ole voicebox a bit of an airing at the a capella camp at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts today.

Groovy demos by The Swingles, massive beatboxing by Tobi and Jes,
and great tips from Larry!

Amazing varietal sound generation from wonderful human bodies! But as someone noted, the problem with acquiring such applause-winning skills for ministry is the high chance that it’ll come to no-good for both the performer and the audience. If you’ve ever gotten up on a stage, done a talk or some acting or singing, and gotten prolonged applause from the audience you’ll know what I mean. You start feeding off the energy emanating from the seats and then very slowly and unconsciously start to do things to win that approval...and get them to beg for an encore, again and again. It’s very easy for a performer to get pigheaded from all that crowd adulation and for the audience to get distracted from praising God through song and words and focus on admiring the performer. So is it honestly possible to be a godly Christian performer? I’ve always wondered whether the woof-whistles and screams in Christian rock band concerts were for the great music, the charismatic band members or for the knowledge of what God has done for us. Then again, are the people on the pulpit performers too?

All in all though, an altogether enjoyable day with good chicken rice at Sing Ho, fragrant golf-ball-sized pineapple tarts from the neighbouring pastry shop and a few victorious games of pool at a pool club so new that the fresh red velvet on the tables was unsullied and maroon chalk cubes were almost untouched.


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