Thursday, January 20, 2005

Al Fresco Al Dente Bible Reading

Started our first lunchtime study for the year this week! The most exciting of many firsts this month: issued my first Singapore Exchange announcement, signed my first share certificate (alas…signature looks like a horse skidding…) etc.

It was a fine day. Clear blue sky, gentle sun warming the sparkling aquamarine water. So we lunched al fresco, bibles flipping in the steady sea breeze.

Despite initial alternating cynicism and confusion ("Aiyah, that Paul keeps saying the same thing what. Sian lah." and "Actually, what is Paul saying har? Don't understand him."), we experienced how just an al dente reading of one of Paul's letters – just putting the letter to the teeth with simple passage divisions, linking the passages, looking at repeated ideas - without the help of a "study bible", or commentary, or nazi bible study leader, plainly yielded the main thrust of that letter and how thereafter, all the other seemingly rambly disparate bits of the letter fell easily and smoothly into place.

Eyes suddenly shone with delight. New-found confidence grinned eagerly as we planned our next study. God's word is indeed for all people for all time. And it can be read and understood by almost anyone.


To the teeth!

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