Friday, January 14, 2005

Beauty Bout

Slouched behind the Russell Wong fan club of kiasu note-taking photography students, fondling gay couples and giggling suits with funky glasses checking out each other's shoes, as the man expounded photography technique, life philosophy and bitched celebrity gossip.

Proved possibility of purely artistic nakedness by snorting our way Botero's galleries of cellulite, identifying women by the moles on their butt and assorted shrubbery.

Decried disappearance of familiar Chihuly from Singapore Art Musuem.

Lay on Padang contemplating stars and city lights, talking thirstily of philosophy of beauty and aesthetics, tyrannical Walter Pater, Frenchie Baudelaire, Mallarme, Huysman's "A Rebours", fake dandy Oscar Wilde and ultimately, trying to see the beauty in nature, mathematics, music, "art", biology, physics and humans through the corrective glasses of the Bible.

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