Monday, January 03, 2005

Green Men near Epicentre

For more detailed updates, photos and video clips of the Singapore Armed Forces in action in Aceh, check out:
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Encouragingly, the face of Singapore in Aceh, Commander of the Joint Humanitarian Assistance Task Force, Colonel Tan Chuan-Jin, comes across calm, capable, considered, competent and compassionate. Good start.

And for once, our unique kiasu-ness, task-orientation, obsession with planning and initiatives and strategies are characteristics we can be proud of.

"Pray for me" he said, before he left on the next flight to a tsunami-hit area, in the line of duty.

What to pray for? As the news filters back daily, the list grows longer every night, not just for him but for all HAWs and the survivors in all tsunami-affected countries:
  • safety and sanity
  • appropriate aid reaching the survivors in time
  • diseases and health threats be kept in check
  • there be no lawlessness nor violence
  • honesty, fairness and justice in the distribution of aid
  • that Christians will persevere in their faith despite the circumstances
  • that from a solid understanding and foundation in the love of God, Christians will be able to be shining examples of that same love in the succor of survivors and in the service of others
  • that considering human suffering and the fragility and brevity of human life would lead non-Christians and Christians to consider their position before the sovereign Creator

The Tsunami Tragedy

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