Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Inducing Guilt by Chaos Theory

Just had a wicked idea how to induce long-lasting guilt in darling gullible young things. First teach them the Chaos Theory, especially and basically, the Butterfly Effect, that small variations in initial conditions result in huge, dynamic transformations in concluding events. Then point out to them that the logical conclusion would be that they caused the deaths of over 150,000 people by stamping their tiny feet in a tantrum fit on Boxing Day. Great for disrupting Sunday school as well.

*evil laughter*

Sigh. Silly flooziness. Hate how my brain's been really fried from work these few days. Cracked open cans of beer and slouched in a sofa watching Futurama late last night too brain-dead to do any real work, realising all the time (in a calculative list-mania way and not to even touch on the great value of such work) that: CLOBS starts this week but haven't even finished writing the Mark studies, am disappointing the wonderful eagerness of the people to whom I owe bible overview and Colossians studies, and am cheating myself of wonderful solace of in-depth and considered study of the current ThC module.

Right. That's it. Shoving these
silly multi-billion dollar deals and off to do some real work.

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