Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Wind-up Sushi Wars

You think they just silly wind-up sushi? Ah. You badly mistaken, Tsukemono-face.

Behold! Fighter sushi that askew the placid humdrum life on the conveyer belt! Armed with a disposable chopstick duct-taped to its noble side, each humble sushi transforms into a fearless warrior ready to defend its honour! The tireless toro. The elusive ebi. The iconic ikura. The manly maguro. And the war is on! They charge towards each other, chopstick lowered, at a rate of 0.00001km/min.

Ok. Not quite Robot Wars but now that that's gone, what's a wasabi-sniffing office rat to do? Acquired mine at Toys R Us for a miserly S$2.95.

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