Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Chinese New Year

Woke to the sun of the first day of the lunar new year warming my face, a clear blue sky, yellow orioles singing among the luminous green leaves and the faraway echoes of some vigorous lion dancing.

To celebrate the family's ethnicity, we made fusion couplings of pure and lovely french vanilla ice-cream and various Chinese New Year goodies:
  • ice-cream loaded with pineapple chunks: an easy match: love at first sight
  • ice-cream loaded with peanut cookie chunks: another perfect match
  • ice-cream with slices of kueh lapis: made for each other
  • ice-cream with swirls of freshly-melted chocolate studded with love-letters: safe and steady
  • ice-cream studded with fried prawn-rolls: hot and exciting
  • ice-cream with peanut butter swirls and bak kwa: scandalous at first but marriage definitely on the cards
  • ice-cream with coconut cream swirls topped with kway bang kit: white on white but not at all minimalist (better yet, stir in some gula melaka for extra oomph!)
The tangerine slush was young, fresh and refreshing.

Then we took a slow walk into the sunset along Changi beach, past Malay families camping out on the sand cooking dinner on a little fire and fishing enthusiasts exchanging tips, gently helped along by a steady sea breeze.

And what Singapore holiday would be complete without a barbie (in Singapore-speak, BBQ) and homemade chicken curry wiped up with freshly-tossed roti prata?

If there wasn't Babel, would we have such wonderful flavours of diversity? Yet if there is so much pleasure even in this fallen imperfect world, how much much more enjoyable must God’s perfect creation be!

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