Sunday, February 06, 2005

Project Timothy: Ministry Matters 2005

Ministry Matters was, as my roomie noted, a glimpse of heaven (only if you didn't clump together in your sticky comfortable cliques or couples); where everyone from different countries and cultures, varied backgrounds and different denominations were almost of one mind and one heart, joining in one voice to sing praises of God, incessantly and obsessively talking about the unbelievably joy of knowing our good Father and being known by him, of sins self-sacrificially being paid for by Jesus who himself was sinless, glorying in the love of God, eyes tearing with elation at the heartening journeys some took to before becoming a child in the family of God and seeing how God worked through many people, links in a long chain, to bring them to himself.

The talks by Chappo and Vaughan Roberts were enormously helpful in clearing the fog of Pharisaic legalism and unscriptural liberalism in many areas of life to reveal the solid safe path of God's design. But better still was living the doctrine of the church, and soaking in the great satisfying fellowship with people who were strangers only a few days ago.

(Recordings of the talks and workshops can be acquired from the Project Timothy website.)


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