Monday, March 21, 2005

Hooray for my DG!

Horray for my DG who despite all fears seem to be on the right track after all!

Unlike my last DG, whom I knew from their infancy of JFN, the present motley crew has been mysterious and shy and reserved from the time they were cobbled together. Sure, from the wobbly beginnings of having to flog dead horses, lead them to water and force them to drink (to mix and misquote metaphors horribly), they've learnt over time, in their own silent detached ways, to more or less find their way through the bible and give the right answers to questions. But was God's word bearing fruit in their lives? They have been too busy to meet up. New families, new jobs, important commitments. I've spent months worrying, wringing hands in despair, pacing about at night, troubled about their relationship with God, unsure if their lives were turned towards Christ and his kingdom.

I of little faith.

Amazed at their sudden enthusiasm and outspokenness in our last study and their earnest and open discussion about prayer (indication at least that some part of their life seeks after God), I suddenly realised the reality of one of the main ideas of Mark's chiastic sandwich of Mark 7-8 (healing of deaf and mute man-teaching about deafness and blindness of disciples and Pharisees-healing of blind man): Jesus healed the deaf and mute man; Jesus healed the blind man; implication: Jesus could and would heal the spiritually deaf and blind (ie. those who did not really really understand who he was and what he had come to do)! [If you think spiritual deafness and blindness is reading too much into the passage, see Isaiah 32:3-4.]

Who can and will open the eyes of me and my DG to the living God? Why God of course, who has the ability and is willing to give his children all good things. Who can and will keep our hearts turned towards him? Why God of course, through Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit.

Horray for the Trinity!

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