Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Introduction to the Dim Sum Diaries

Crumbs. The Dim Sum Diaries shall begin "inauspiciously" with an announcement that I've missed my flight by 10 minutes. Let this be a warning to all taking Jetstar Asia that they really mean it when they say "THE CHECK-IN COUNTER WILL CLOSE 40 MINUTES BEFORE TAKE-OFF". There wasn't even a soul at the counter to sweet-talk or offer my Yung Kee roast goose to in exchange for a blind-eye or two. They'd packed up and gone off.

Soggy siew-mais! Now stuck on a Chinese browser in Dim Sum Land waiting for my replacement flight to be confirmed. Security really sucks on this terminal. Very tempted to give my wimpy CEH skills a bit of a run. But shall resist and keep them on a tight leash. Put on new man etc.

Fortunately, all my Hong Kong kakis are extremely thrilled at the thought of this unexpected extension and up for more chong-ing . Akan datang then.

PS: Yes, it's true. We all become more Singaporean and slang alot more when we're out of the Lion City. I arso dunno y. :-)

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