Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mystery Moos

Casinos and cows. Passe topics of speculation now.

After much whipping out of digital cams and phone cams along busy roads to capture those vividly-coloured cow boards for posterity and loading onto Flickr sites, and the subsequent revelation that the cow boards were part of a campaign to introduce the new advertising arm of Comfort Delgro, Moove Media, people have resorted to kope-ing the cows for themselves.

In an amusing (and sad) press release, Comfort Delgro reported how a motorist got out of his car, walked to the grass verge, uprooted a cow and spent 5 minutes trying to squeeze it into his car boot with no success. In the end, he had to leave the cow on the grass verge.

If any casino debaters had any doubt about the greed that is common to all mankind...

Anymoo, 200 cows can now be legally and legitimately purchased by auction. The calls Comfort Delgro have been getting from people wanting to purchase the cows for their own "personal use and pleasure" sound dodgy. Must be those Holland Villagers again! ;-). Oi! We're not Scottish, lads!

Of course the cows along Sixth Avenue, bovine neighbours of the alternative lifestyled Holland Villagers, were seen indulging in un-public-spirited, anti-nation-building, non-replacement-of-population behaviour.

In any case, they must be quite unhappy. Duh. Let's not have any of that cowpat about being anti-gay/lesbian/bisexual. The obvious lack of compatible physical bits should have self-evidently shown that the Creator did not design these parts to be used in this way for maximum satisfaction. (Assuming that all Comfort Delgro cow boards were indeed meant to represent cows and that all animals termed "cows" are female.)

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