Thursday, April 14, 2005

Scrummy Decisions

Cheer on grown men violently hugging each other at the Standard Chartered Sevens at the Singapore National Stadium with mad mates, a bucket of cold beers, hot dogs, clappers, whistles and funny hats?


Cheer on grown men gently hugging Boon Yong at his ordination as a pastor of ARPC in air-conditioned comfort at Singapore Bible College with polite clapping and a catered buffet downstairs afterwards?

Bah! What a scrum!

[several hours later]

The decision is for Boon Yong's ordination. Not because I have to do my duty as a member of ARPC, though there are responsibilities that come with membership; not to see and be seen; not because it is the Right Thing to Do.

I think it's because I love the chap (in a different way from how I love rugby) and want to be there at this declaration and appointment. And we're on the same team (assuredly not batting for the same team, just on the same team). This team will last for all eternity. And this is the winning team.

Even if the Reds ever miraculously recover from the dubious honour of holding the record for the biggest flogging in the history of rugby, I'd rather cheer on something that lasts longer, is more certain, is far more important and gives vastly greater joy.

Look out for the clappers and funny hats in the back row of the SBC auditorium! Not sure people would fancy a borrowed bevy of cheerleaders with silver pom-poms though...


Postscript: This is the song Boon Yong sang, to teary eyes, at his ordination: 有一位神