Saturday, April 16, 2005

Tanjong Pagar Walkabout

A few days ago, while waiting for some people, had a walkabout Tanjong Pagar in the fading evening light, without the excited crowds, constituency funfair, RI all-white get-up and baby-kissing routine.

There's an almost Malaysian food court at the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, on the side facing Spottiswoode Park Road. Almost Malaysian because they don't have teh o ais limau at the drinks stall. Some Malaysians would be rather aggrieved if the food court was considered less than Malaysian due to the mere lack of maggi mee goreng (found in Singapore at Zion River(longkang lah)side Food Centre) or Ramly burgers (found dodgily at many pasar malams), but in the spirit of current bilateral ties optimism, no babi shall be thrown around.

There were stalls selling Indian rojak, mee goreng, mee rebus, sup kambing, beryani dam, nasi campur, prata, vadai, apom with egg and cheese and satay.

Intriguingly, a stall called "Fir Iqbul" had a huge cze char kitchen and mod branding, advertising "asian seafood cuisine" and dishes like "Killer Fried Rice". Doner kebab shops were on the upper storey. Also spotted 2 gigantic sheesha bongs but no evidence of use. Was told that the current "upgrading" has killed the previous al fresco charm of the place and taken away its soul.

After dinner at a restaurant beneath some HDB flats courageously called "Imperial Seafood Restaurant", the quivering nose of She-Whose-Tummy-Does-Not-Wobble sniffed out a corner bakery selling retro cakes:

Managed to pry ourselves away for more exhilarating spidey-spooling, bruised knees and fingerprint scraping.

Am sure we haven't even scratched the surface of the culinary treasures of Tanjong Pagar. There're the killer garlic chilli dishes at Silkroad and thai yummies at Thanying (apparently still ok after change of owners), Nana curry at Amara Food Court, Annie's peanut ice-kachang and the passe hoohaa nasi lemak choices at Tanjong Pagar Food Court, french at Andre, fusion at Buko Nero, teahouses, Maxwell Food Centre, Korean foodstuff at Koreana at Lian Huat...

Tanjong Pagar's a great place to live. It's also supposed to be Stephanie Sun's hangout. Which is an advantageous bit of information if you're a fan or, unlike me, you can tell Steph Sun from Steph Song, Steph Sung, Ho Yeow Sun and Sun Yet Sen...

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