Monday, May 16, 2005

Star Wars Spoofs

All sequels must finally come to an end. But not before they've been spoofed.

Hokkien Spoof
Time to dust off those old mp3s of the scintillating conversation between a Hokkien Darth Vader and Luke. ;-)
Light sabres clash in the background.
Darth slashes off Luke's arm.

Luke: Ahhhhhh........ wa ai chew ah!
Darth: Look, teh wa ke orh orh hee peng.
Luke: Ai, dan gu gu ah!
Darth: Look! Wa si lim lau peh.
Luke: Boh koh leng! Boh koh leng! Wa lau peh si liao!!!
Darth: Lu kaki sio kwa bai, lu jiu ai jai ya si jin eh.
Luke: Ahhhhhh........!!!!!!!!
Hardware Wars
Made in 1978. Probably the first spoof ever!
Hardware Wars

almost 10 years later, there was Spaceballs

more recently, there was the very popular Bullock spoof, Star Wars Episode III: A Lost Hope
Bullock Spoof

sometime in-between, there was the somewhat web phenomenon, Troops

and Star Wars Kid (or Dork), which was once, a long time ago, in a galaxy far away, a web-phenomenon...
Star Wars Kid

French & Saunders Spoof
French and Saunders

Clerks Spoof
Trooper Clerks

Even Kevin Spacey gets with the starship with his skit on misfit Hans Solo casting tryouts.

South Park Spoofs
Park Wars: The Little Menace
Park Wars
Omigod! Is Darth Maul gonna kill Kenny? The bastard!

Star Park: The Musical
Star Park

Lego Spoof
Lego Spoof

err...Thumb Spoof
Thumb Spoof

Political Spoof
Four More Years of Vader
4 more years If Darth Vader can win another four years, anybody can!

Organic Spoof: Grocery Store Wars
Store Wars

Blog Spoofs
The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster

Cartoon Spoofs
Star Wars Spoofs

And when you've got too many spoofs, you have
Spoof Wars

Not Spoofs (just fan films...)
Star Wars Revelations
Star Wars: The Revelations: Begin the Rebellion
The destruction of the Jedi Temple is devastating. Accusing Separatists of the attack, Emperor Palpatine declares martial law on Coruscant. As the Imperial presence spreads to most systems, Palpatine calls the scattered Jedi order ineffective. Their protests are denounced as treason, and all Jedi are declared traitors and are now fugitives of the Empire. Looking for a way to turn the tide in this battle, both the surviving Jedi and the Empire are looking for a mystical Jedi artifact said to give the bearer great power...

Star Wars: The Jedi Saga
The Jedi Saga This Star Wars film takes place in between Episodes II and III. Few Jedi remain. The council grows weak and is almost empty. The Jedi desperately seek leads to the indentification of the Sith Lord responsible for war. Jedi Master Oni Cay-Qel is sent to rendezvous with the leader of an alien militia who possesses critical information on the parties involved with the creation of the clone armies--including the identity of the Sith Lord. Shortly after, Master Cay-Qel's transmission is lost. His Jedi emergency beacon is subsequently located on the planet Veridan IV. Jedi Knight Ro Sajec, returning from a mission close by, receives orders from the Jedi Council to investigate the disappearance of Master Cay-Qel while the council organizes a rescue team with the few Jedi they have left.

Emergence of the Sith
Emergence of the SithAfter learning of an illegal spice-refining operation, the Republic has dispatched a Padawan learner on his first mission. Once there, Subo Dai is aided by Bothan field agent H'wai Zark who confirms there is, indeed, an illegal operation under way. As he tries to relay this information to his Jedi master, Shin Dinn Kada, he and the Bothan are attacked on the planet and a fierce battle ensues. It is a fight between good and evil in a struggle for power over the Trade Federation.

Power of the Sith
Power of the SithA young Jedi in training has been captured by the Bride of Darth Sidious, a Sith Witch who is well trained in the Jedi arts. They plan to use the superior DNA from a Jedi for the construction of a massive clone army. Another Jedi pupil is searching the galaxy in hopes of finding the missing Jedi.

Dark Skies
Dark Skies It is a dark time for the Skywalker family. Having seen Anakin consumed by the dark side, Amidala is determined to protect her children from a similar fate. Dark Skies culminates in a showdown between Anakin and Amidala over the destiny of their children, with devastating consequences...

Official award-winning fan films
Fan Film Awards

Other unofficial, no-award-winning fan films...
Which leads to ask,"Do fans make better movies than George Lucas?"

Also Not Spoofs (they just include Star Wars elements)
Art of the Saber
Art of the Saber
A light saber fight sequence with the flavour of a Hong Kong martial arts action movie. This short is set in a dense forest, where a young man, willing to leave his loved ones behind to help fight in the Revolution, clashes with an enemy in a battle where only one will remain standing.

Think the Star Wars mythology of the primacy of good over evil is cool? Pick up a Bible and read it. The reality is even cooler.

See also a very unintended spoof.


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