Saturday, July 09, 2005

Elevation 280 and "Praise"

The publicity for Heineken's Elevation 280 came in the form of green parking party coupons.

with the relevant drinking and driving instructions

and stick men liberated from their throwing-rubbish-into-bins existence to party

on the roof of the very retro Market Street carpark.

Sustenance could be had in the throbbing vicinity in the form of sizzling satay chunks and crisp ice cold beers.

Loved the live scratching and freestyling. It was enjoyable all the more because it was very clear to me that I was jiiving unadulteratedly to the phat beats. Slap on the "Christian" label and throw in a few key Christian words like "Jesus" and "God", and I'd be most dodgified. It would be difficult for me to know if my emotional response was a product of my love for God and acknowledgement of his great magnificence as our Saviour and Creator, or if it's just the excitement of experiencing boundary-pushing music.

This is not to say that I think that the praise and worship of God in music and song should be dull and monophonic and sung by an out-of-tune deaf old wheezer who looks like he'd expire with the next breath, but that thought should be given to discerning why we demand "catchy" melodies and charismatic energetic thumping bands to sing praises of God.

If it is really our goal to sing praises of God, why wouldn't we be satisfied with an out-of-tune deaf old wheezer who looks like he'd expire with the next breath?

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