Thursday, July 14, 2005

Retro Snacks

The poor secretaries are going through deep funks, brought on by mass resignations and the continuous murmurings against the Big Boss, chasing each other in a rapid downward depressive spiral. So I have decided to attempt first to chemically alter their moods by the introduction of a new food group: retro snacks, prior to talking about the fallenness of this world and the meaning of life and the big picture of our existence.

The first experiment caused some mood elevation:

eating off fingers stuck through Cheezels rings.

Kaka was a great hit with the male passer-bys (even without those free little plastic toys which used hide among the edibles)

For future reference, decided to make a list of "retro" snacks. Please feel free to contribute!

Mamee Monster Snacks


Calbee prawn crackers

Hiro Chocolate Cake

Ding Dang

Apollo wafer dengan krim coklat

Boro biscuits

Kit Kat


Yan Yan

Lotte Koala Chocolate Biscuits

Hello Panda

Collon biscuits

Ritz crackers

Chicken in a Biscuit

Chips Ahoy

Iced Gem biscuits

Bee-Bee Snacks

Tenkei marshmellows

HACKS medicated cough drops

the very collectible PEZ

Milkmaid condensed milk that was slathered onto bread, biscuits, ice kachang...

fizzies in glass bottles especially Kickapoo Joy Juice, Green Spot orange drink


Bovril WITH the beef in it...not this vegetarian nonesense nowadays

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