Sunday, September 18, 2005


One of the nicest accompaniments to late night reading is a cuppa and a tidy pile of smacarons macarons. The best macarons I know of in Singapore hail from Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie at Robertson Walk, the baby sister of the Les Amis group.

They have the right balance of melt-in-the-mouth crispiness on the outside and chewy creaminess on the inside. Flavours include pistache, rose, caramel and passion chocolate. All yummy. Chef Pang's given a vague recipe in this month's Wine and Dine if anyone's interested in making any. In the league of dainty nibbles (compared on the huge mountains you get in British bakeries), these probably fall far short of the macarons crafted by Pierre Hermé, le magicien pâtissie. But they'll do.
He's the Lord of Everything
He's the Lord of the sunshine
and the Lord of the rain.
He's the Lord of the good times
and the Lord of the pain.
He's the Lord of the mountains
and the Lord of the seas.
He's the Lord of the music.
He's the Lord of the children.
He's the Lord of you and me.
and so he's also the Lord of tsunamis, hurricanes, sports, death and macarons.

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