Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Venus Flytrap

Since I tend to park in secondary tropical rainforests, and drive barefoot, fellow drivers have witnessed the decidedly dangerously strange calisthenics of this driver on highways due to the little vampires that lie in wait for me a sumptuous dinner in that dark cavern where the pedals reside.

Mindful of the sanctity of human life (both mine and those other drivers' and unwary pedestrians), and leary of the insiduously harmful nature of chemical pesticides, I decided to go organic and employ the services of NCA (ie. "Not Called Audrey", because I know some very nice Audreys and don't want to insinuate that they have man/insect-eating tendencies).

First photo of NCA
Guess I'll have to think about how to take out the insect skeletons later on.

I wonder if there were Venus Flytraps in Eden and if there will be any in the new heaven and earth, and if they seduced then slowly killed bugs in Eden too, and if they didn't whether God made them like this in the first place because of his foreknowledge of the Fall.

Unanswerable questions but thank God for the NCAs of the world anyway.

Speaking of flytraps, someone's set up a blog which is supposed to be "an educational eyeopener to the singapore virtual chatzone", featuring lecherous men and the blogger posing as different underaged girls. Entrapment me thinks.

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