Saturday, December 03, 2005

Pagans: On Believers Marrying Unbelievers

During lunch, a lady at the next table was holding forth, loudly, above the already deafening din of the food court, to a quartet of astonished colleagues, the fascinating origins of the troubled marriage of the parents of an absent friend:

"You see ah, her father is Taoist. Then her mother is Chrrristian. She has been Christian all this while. So this religion Christianity, cannot have idols."

There was some headshaking amongst the rapt listeners and someone asked how Christians could worship a god without idols or perhaps Christians didn't believed in a god in the first place?

"Aiyah. Yes, yes! They believe in a God. But is a different God from normal. This God, you cannot make idols one. And you cannot worship idols one."

Observed one of the listeners,"Wah, then how can Christian marry Taoist in the first place? Asking for trouble, right?!"

And the rest of the table nodded wisely.

Perhaps it is not a silly intolerant arbitrary rule that a Christian must marry a Christian, but a function of ordinary common sense obvious to even those who do not believe in the one true God.



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