Sunday, December 11, 2005

ZoukOut 2005

The thing about ZoukOut is this that it is a dance music festival on the sand, and so you have:
  1. for the warm-up, a restful time at km8 sleeping in the sun under coconut trees, and around, beach volleyball, yellow and red lifeguards patrolling, then ultimate frisbee and no Flingo, then beach deckchairs, marigold umbrellas, spicy chicken wings, jugs of cold Ribena, reading John while pre-Zouk parties light up about the mainland
  2. then later, too dark to read any more, a pitstop for shared waffle cones and to see the ever-restless, risk devil TK at his latest Ben & Jerry's venture, then through the gates for dusk till dawn raving and good times at Siloso
  3. the smell of salty sea, cool night, light perfume and cologne, mosquito repellant, Heineken, Red Bull vodka, JD, champagne, loads more hydration, warm bodies close together, vinyl spinning, friends laughing and dancing in circles
  4. tanned bikini brigades giggling and chattering in glitter body shimmers, aviators and pieces of cloth; long dark-haired SPGs hamming it up on platforms with lightstick bangles; platinum blonde friends slow jiving to Eurotrash; FHM girls being dunked; American boys dunking the FHM girls and then each other
  5. tanned beach boys hooting and yelling; barebodied Jap boys in bandanas doing somersaults in the sand and good-naturedly teasing older SPGs; roving gay couples fulfilling their stereotypes; straight men giving their girls piggyback rides
  6. a crazy Resfest Remix of this year's loony features, short-films, motion graphics, animation and music videos and a preview of next year's goodies
  7. passes to Heineken's Green Room Lounge, bypassing queues. And free Heineken. 'nof said.
  8. caffeine shot carnival rides, non-stop thumping pumping pounding beats, temporary tattoos, cheery mad stiltwalkers, merrymakers, dance massages (you dance, they massage)
  9. gobsmacking house and prog house and French house and tribal house and some techno and trance cranking it up
  10. and then, ahem, only for friendship, Mambo Jumbo and hiphop. And also some Cash Money, honey
  11. and also earbleeds from Concave Scream, Ronin and most definitely Electrico, on their own dedicated stage. Go go loco!
  12. and then the rain or shine scratching and dancing at 4 in the morn
  13. and then chillout and lounge and blissed out break-beat bandidos and lying on the sand under the lasers and the blanket of stars, vibing it
  14. and then lastly, because there were TWO security checks, no portable stoves and little frying pans for frying succulent bratwursts, sunny side ups, sweet onions and baked beans on the beach, listening to Stephen Pompougnac spin, watching the sun peep from the horizon but for the Heineken, Red Bull vodka stomach growlers there were, satisfyingly enough, sizzling bangers and hot mash and kebabs cut from fat hunks of meat.
And because ZoukOut is the dance music festival on the sand, you will have, as you stumble home, adrenaline fading, eyes blurring, trailing the scent of hours of completely great revelling, a buddy with a silly grin on his face put his arms around your shoulders saying,"You know, I think heaven will be soooo like this!"

And you will reply, errant grains jostling in your skivvies,"Mate. Are you barking mad? Heaven is going to be, like, mind-blowingly, massively, awesomely, infinitismally better than this!"

And you won't be talking about MOS, even the new one in Singapore. Or Café del Mar. Or, err, the infamous Heaven.

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At December 12, 2005 12:25 pm , Anonymous blissed out bandido said...

You forgot to add:
because ZoukOut is the dance party of the year, there is no frisbee on Sunday because all the frisbee people are Zouked Out.

At December 12, 2005 7:43 pm , Anonymous joe said...

man, everytime you chinese singaporeans get on the technorati top listings, you're talking a whole load of bimbo shit.

At December 12, 2005 11:45 pm , Anonymous fellow blissed out zouked outie said...

was it really only for friendship? you seemed to enjoy the circle dancing, hiphop bopping, mambo signing, rock jumpin' quite abit, money honey dunny :]

a night to remember except i didnt catch any shots of us in our groovy fellowship of the ring. darn.

ps: joe is kinda rude doncha think? almost as racist as the guy in the queue

At December 13, 2005 11:42 am , Blogger shadow said...

Me mambo? Nevah! Nevah! I get knocked down but I get up again. You're nevah gonna keep me down!

Think Joe's highly hilarious! Haha! Who would have ever thought the word "bimbo" would be used in my 8km radius?


At December 13, 2005 12:54 pm , Anonymous sand also in skivvies said...

then heaven will be FULL of bimbos dancing and celebrating. right?

At December 14, 2005 4:19 pm , Anonymous faithful and true witness said...

I'm afraid I have to concur with fellow blissed out zouked outie ...

I can testify that the shadow was indeed mamboing (exaggerated corny actions included) very enthusiastically that night/morning

At December 14, 2005 11:43 pm , Blogger paddychicken said...

Stephen Pompougnac was there?!!? Sigh I should have gone ... but I was asleep before most of you even reached the beach hehe...

Haha did you pick up any hot bimbos at the beach?

At December 15, 2005 5:33 pm , Blogger shadow said...

It is only neighbourly to pick up and dust off any girls in bikinis who might have fallen onto the sand, flushed from energetic dancing in the sweltering crowd.

It is especially neighbourly to do so if you have accidentally knocked them over (or out) with your cheesy exaggerated mambo movements.


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