Friday, March 10, 2006

Rojak 04 and Christian Collaborations

Rojak 04
After beating our way through with a thick roll of IT brochures navigating the crowds at the IT Fair last night, we unfortunately managed to miss Colin Seah's New Hotel Typology but otherwise had great fun at last night's Rojak 04 organised by the folks at FARM and hosted by Ong Keng Sen and his Theatreworks gang at 72-13.

There was a disruptive grand entrance when one of the Usual Suspects trod on my naked toes, apologised, then trod on them again after I punched him in jest. There was the smell of people who had Dressed Up for A Night Out: clean hair and bodies, the sort of fresh perfume and cologne and deodorant favoured by sweaty ballet dancers, black clothes with the lingering scent of having been recently-laundered. There was that soon-to-be-iconic orange inflatable raft filled with ice and stocked with reds and fruit juice and 中国苹果. And there were sofa spots and taxi-sign lamps and presentations of past works and ideas being tossed around in the murmuring crowd and calls for collaborations. And there were laugh-out-loud moments with Ming's Singapore Uniquely shots and the sneak preview of Tan Pin Pin's Singapore Gaga and also sniggles when Arron Tan sincerely insisted that his R (maybe R(A)?) chio bu series was meant to show the pervasive persuasiveness of the media on the psyche, ending his presentation with a request for more models please. And hunks too. And 1819Supermovement called for entries for its Majulah Stickapura (singaporestickstogether) series.
Rojak Collage
After, going upstream from Zouk, I wondered aloud if we could organise something similar in the Christian context. Find a space, gather some people, put a few bottles of wine in a raft chiller, and have some people do a show-and-tell about their work in evangelism or in encouraging others or in persevering in Christ or in growing in their relationship with God, tossing ideas about in sincerity and gladness and thanksgiving, facilitating collaborations between people who might otherwise not meet, for the glory of God and to do his work. The family of God, afterall, is far wider than our local church.



At March 11, 2006 2:05 pm , Anonymous rawr said...

i *could* offer the cupboard space. slide shows perhaps?

At March 13, 2006 10:53 am , Blogger shadow said...

Hooray! (will we then be accused of being closeted, you think?)

Hmmm...does the Christian context lend itself to slideshows?

Let's talk more at the vodka do where hopefully no blood will be split under the sofa this time!

At March 13, 2006 4:45 pm , Anonymous passer by said...

here's more at

At March 13, 2006 5:48 pm , Blogger shadow said...

Oops, I meant skin and flesh split and blood spilt.

Thanks passerby.


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