Saturday, May 20, 2006

Revision Party

Here's some publicity for people I know:

Revision Party Flyer
What's this about then?
It's a stay-in camp run by a bunch of fairly biblically faithful teachers for 15-18 year olds (Secondary 3 to JC2-ish). The aim of the camp is to proclaim the Lord Jesus to both the churched and un-churched through expository Bible talks, group Bible studies, apologetics seminars, and one to one contact with older christians. In between, there'll be lots of supervised revision for those with exams after the June hols (it's a Revision Party after all), good food, games, entertainments, sports and (some) goofing around.

Why bother?
It's a great opportunity to revise for post-holiday exams in a quiet and disciplined environment, and at the same time, hear and explore the Christian message systematically and build friendships for Christ, and of course, have lots of fun while you're at it!

More details please!
It's a mere S$80 for 5 days of room and board.
Contact for more information or a sign-up slip.

Uni students
Uni students who are professing Christians and would like to serve at the camp are welcome. They will help with the running of some activities, games and sports. As a separate group, they will have their own leaders. And in addition to the main talks and seminars, they will have their own Bible studies. The aim is to build them up and send them back to serve in their universities and/or their local churches.

Again, contact for more information or to sign-up.

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