Tuesday, June 20, 2006


The MAAD-ness starts in July at the Red Dot Traffic Building and we have plans! Any readymade audience is good if you have good news.

MAAD factor
Tell us why you think you are MAAD? Our MAAD curators will assess your idea or work with reference to impetus, originality, innovativeness, aesthetics, functionality, emotional content and commercial viability. You justneed to show two or three of such traits to be MAAD.

imagine 10,000 shoppers each Sunday. imagine 200 stalls selling ONLY original creative works in the coolest museum in town. imagine busy selling. imagine not selling at all but still busy, getting feedback and improving on your ideas and works. imagine enjoying each Sunday in the company of other MAAD people!

MAAD house
MAAD is supported by the red dot design museum which occupies the former traffic police hq along Maxwell Road. There is Tanjong Pagar MRT station just 3 min walks away, plenty of bus services nearby, and lots of car parking space.

MAAD curators
Johnny Lau Cartoonist (Mr. Kiasu) and managing director of INC3, an incubator for creative businesses.
Edward Tonino Senior Director, Philips Design
Kelley Cheng Editorial Director in Page One Publishing and founder of ISH Magazine.
"S" An urban art activist, known for his political and social provocative art work on streets all over Europe.
Niko Saurma Director, BMW Designworks
Delia Prvacki Ceramic artist with large scale works at Douby Ghaut MRT, NUS and the new Zouk.
Wykidd Song Fashion Designer, Founder of Song+Kelley
Ken Koo Asia president, red dot design awards
Ketna Patel Artist, Asian pop arts

MAAD sunday
MAAD sunday, the Market of Artist And Designer is a recurring Sunday market for original creative work in the field of art, music, media, design, fashion and innovations. the motivation of this market is to provide a platform to test the commercial viability of the creative works and to promote creative entrepreneurship.
Ok, must think about the application when there's time.

So far the MAAD lineup includes:
The more complete storelist can be found here!



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