Thursday, July 13, 2006

Music List (2005ish-2006ish)

As requested by the Knights Who 'til Recently Said "Ni", here's an incomplete list of music somewhat passably enjoyed in the past 2 years (excluding those lent out and subsequently forgotten, and those otherwise misplaced. Oi, who's got me stash of classical, jazz, triphop and dance?):

Andrew Peterson "Behold the Lamb of God"
Arcade Fire (myspace) "Funeral"
Arctic Monkeys (myspace) "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not"
Armin Van Buuren (myspace) "State of Trance 2005"
Art Brut (myspace) "Bang Bang Rock & Roll"
Audioslave (myspace) "Out of Exile"
Avril Lavigne (myspace) "Under My Skin"
Belle & Sebastian (myspace) "The Life Pursuit"
Billy Foote "Not A God" (the title track's nice, as was Billy who sent me the CDs without charge)
Bishop Allen (myspace) various EPs (freetrack-a-month from their website)
Blink-182 (myspace) "Greatest Hits"
Bloc Party (myspace) "Silent Alarm"
Bob Dylan (myspace) "The Best of Bob Dylan"
Bon Jovi (myspace) "Have A Nice Day"
British Sea Power (myspace) "Open Season"
Broken Social Scene (myspace) "Broken Social Scene" (coz eponymous is indie, innit?)
Budak Pantai "Budakumentary"
Budak Pantai "'Nearly Live' At Blue Moo"
Budak Pantai "The Cattle Are Lowing"
Caesars (myspace) "Paper Tigers"
Camera Obscura (myspace) "Let's Get Out Of This Country"
Casting Crowns "Casting Crowns" (interesting Christian social commentary)
Casting Crowns "Lifesong"
Catatonia (myspace) "International Velvet"
Chopin "Nocturnes"
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah "Clap Your Hands Say Yeah"
Coldplay (myspace) "Parachutes"
Coldplay (myspace) "X & Y"
Damien Rice "O"
Death Cab for Cutie (myspace) "Something About Airplanes"
Death Cab for Cutie (myspace) "The Forbidden Love EP"
Death Cab for Cutie (myspace) "Transatlanticism"
Death Cab for Cutie (myspace) "We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes"
Deep Dish (myspace) "George is On"
Dirty Pretty Things (myspace) "Waterloo To Anywhere"
Doves (myspace) "Some Cities"
Echo & The Bunnymen "Ballyhoo"
Editors (myspace) "The Back Room"
Electrico (myspace) "So Much More Inside"
"EMU Live 2"
Everything But The Girl "The Best of Everything But The Girl"
Faure "The Complete Songs"
"For Good!" (compiled by Aging Youth)
Fort Minor (myspace) "The Rising Tied" (still prefer Linkin' Park)
Franz Ferdinand (myspace) "Franz Ferdinand"
Franz Ferdinand (myspace) "You Could Have It So Much Better"
Gorillaz (myspace) "Demon Days"
Green Day (myspace) "American Idiot"
光良 (Michael)"童話" ("Fairy Tale")
Hard-Fi (myspace) "Stars of CCTV" (a fiver from the Cafe Cosmo fire sale)
Harvard Din and Tonics "Freshly Squeezed"
Hot Chip (myspace) "The Warning"
Iggy Pop "A Million in Prizes"
Interpol (myspace) "Antics"
Iron And Wine (myspace) "Our Endless Numbered Days"
Jack Johnson "In Between Dreams"
Jamiroquai "Dynamite"
John Mayer Trio "Try!"
Kaiser Chiefs (myspace) "Employment"
KanYe West "Late Registration"
Kasabian (myspace) "Kasabian"
Keane (myspace) "Hopes and Fears"
Killers "Hot Fuss"
Kings of Leon (myspace) "Aha Shake Heartbreak"
KT Tunstall (myspace) "Eye to the Telescope"
Led Zeppelin "Latter Days"
"Live At KEXP" (thanks Yoyo & Hoops!)
Lou Reed "Walk on the Wild Side"
Louis XIV (myspace) "The Best Little Secrets Are Kept"
"Lounge Worship" (badly done but interesting concept)
Marina Xavier "When The World Was Young" (makes it to the list only for the potential)
Maroon 5 (myspace) "Songs About Jane"
Mates of State (myspace) "Bring It Back"
Maximo Park (myspace) "A Certain Trigger"
五月天 (May Day) "知足" ("Just My Pride")
Moby (myspace) "Hotel"
ตาสว่าง (Moderndog) "แดดส่อง" ("That Song")
Modest Mouse (myspace) "Good News for People Who Love Bad News"
" worship songs ever!"
Mute Math (myspace) "Reset" (they're "not a Christian band")
My Bloody Valentine "Loveless"
My Chemical Romance (myspace) "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge"
My Morning Jacket (myspace) "Z"
Mylo (myspace) "Destroy Rock & Roll" (woohoo! Go Skye!)
Neil Young (myspace) "Greatest Hits"
New Order "Singles"
New Order "Waiting for the Siren's Call"
Newsboys (myspace) "Devotion" (they sound like Coldplay. Sometimes.)
欧得洋 (Ocean Ou) "孤单北半球"
Paganini "24 Caprices"
Paul van Dyk (myspace) "The Politics of Dancing"
PJ Harvey (myspace) "Uh Huh Her"
Placebo (myspace) "Once More with Feeling"
Prodigy (myspace) "Fat of the Land"
Pulp "Hits"
Queen "Greatest Hits"
Queens of the Stone Age (myspace) "Songs for the Deaf"
Rani Singham "With A Song in My Heart"
Ronin (myspace) "Do or Die" (yes, yes, it's just "Black Maria")
Simple Plan (myspace) "Still Not Getting Any..."
Sleater Kinney (myspace)
Sleeper "Pleased to Meet You" (another fiver from the Cosmo fire sale)
Snow Patrol (myspace) "Eyes Open"
"Songs for the Cross-Centered Life"
Sonicpraise "Sonicflood" (not so helpful for congregational singing)
Stéphane Pompougnac "Best of Hotel Costes"
Steven Curtis Chapman (myspace) "All Things New" (thanks SDTP girl!)
Stuart Townend "How Deep the Father's Love"
Stuart Townend "I Say The Word"
Sufjan Stevens "Illinoise"
Test Icicles (myspace) "For Screening Purposes Only"
The Beautiful South "Solid Bronze"
"The Best Worship Songs...Ever!"
The Black-Eyed Peas (myspace) "Monkey Business"
The Bravery (myspace) "The Bravery"
The Clash "The Singles"
The Cure "Greatest Hits"
The Flaming Lips (myspace) "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots"
The Futureheads (myspace) "The Futureheads" (how creative)
The Libertines "The Libertines" (oh, very creative)
The Magic Numbers (myspace) "The Magic Numbers" (and again!)
The Observatory "Time of Rebirth"
The Pipettes (myspace) "We Are The Pipettes"
The Postal Service (myspace) "Give Up"
The Raconteurs (myspace) "Broken Boy Soldiers"
The Shins (myspace) "Chutes Too Narrow"
The Smoking Popes (myspace) "Destination Failure"
The Stone Roses "The Very Best of The Stone Roses"
The Strokes (myspace) "Is This It"
The White Stripes "Elephant"
Third Day (myspace) "Offerings II"
U2 (myspace) "Achtung Baby"
U2 (myspace) "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb"
Velvet Revolver (myspace) "Contraband"
Velvet Underground "The Best of Velvet Underground"
"We Are His People"
We Are Scientists (myspace) "With Love And Squalor"
Wolf Parade (myspace) "Apologies to Queen Mary"
"You Alone"
Zouk "Rhythm 2"

The myspace links are obviously inherently dodgy but they git ye some listenin' trax lah. Someone beam me to Lollapalooza, please.
Baybeats 2006A Majorminor Thing
Closer to homebase, Baybeats 2006 and A Majorminor Thing (featuring The Lilac Saints and localbarboy) are on this coming weekend - same as the Project Timothy Bible Conference. The waste!



At July 13, 2006 11:57 pm , Blogger paddychicken said...

Hooray you got the ball rolling! Well I must say you're pretty comprehensive, and you captured a number of the lesser-known artistes I like a lot. I don't agree with everything, but you've covered most of my favourites. I'd just add a couple:

Death Cab For Cutie - Plans
James Blunt - Back to Bedlam
Robbie Williams - Intensive Care
Secret Machines - Ten Silver Drops
She Wants Revenge - She Wants Revenge
Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped
The Tears - Here Come The Tears
Vienna Teng

You good lah ... everytime I think something is missing I find it right there. Kudos!

At July 17, 2006 10:56 am , Blogger shadow said...

Yeah, this is stuff I've listened to and liked. Of stuff that I haven't listened to and want to listen to (and bands to form and music instruments to pick up and tracks to mix...), there is no end.

Thanks for the recommends! Will check them out!


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