Monday, November 06, 2006

Compelled By Love

Compelled By Love
Compelled by love Christ left His Father's glory
The Word took flesh as man He did appear
The Son of God took on the role of servant
And emptied all to bring salvation near

Compelled by love Christ heralded the Gospel
Repent believe the Kingdom is at hand
Despite His call Israel failed to follow
They turned aside despised the Son of Man

Compelled by love Christ set His face to Zion
He gave His life nailed to the tree in pain
Though without sin He took our place in suffering
To set us free from all our guilt and shame

Compelled by love Christ will return in glory
And all the earth will join in endless praise
But until then we go to all the nations
Compelled by love to share the news of grace
Bryson Smith and Philip Percival

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