Sunday, February 18, 2007

Magnify the Lord

We are sorry there was w00ting from the back of the hall at service this morning. It was for this old chestnut written in response to ARPC's studies on Nehemiah in 2000:

Magnify the Lord
In trouble and disgrace,
I come to You and bow before Your throne.
Laying bare my inconstancy,
surrendering my sin,
I yield to the mercy of Your love.
And I ask for redemption
that I do not deserve.
Then I wait upon the knowledge of Your grace.

Magnify the Lord, who strengthens feeble hands.
Magnify the Lord, who stays the trembling knees.
Glorify the King,
who in His hands holds victory.
Servants of the King, magnify your God.

When enemies surround,
my strength gives out, I stumble in my fear.
But when I lean on Your constancy,
Your faithfulness, Your might,
You graciously restore me to Your hope.
And You pour out Your blessings,
past what I know to ask,
then I find Your strength sufficient for my need.


When earthly things crowd round,
temptation slides a veil across my sight.
Yet in You my sufficiency, in Christ, my only hope.
Forgetfulness, oh, let it not obscure,
that my life has no meaning but to seek Your face,
Lord please break me down 'til I see only You.


© Li Sa Ng

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