Friday, March 02, 2007

This is My Father's (Underwater) World

Disposable waterproof cams aren't brilliant and this reef ain't the best in the world, but they'll do. The Scissortail Sergeant sequence.

School of Scissortail Sergeants
Ho-hum...minding my own business...paparazzo-ing a school of Scissortail Sergeants...

Coral Contrast
Mm-hmm, colours.

Divers in Desolate Depths
Ah, fellow landlubbers in the murky depths. Sedimentation in this area from nearby reclamation works.

Uh-oh, Spotted!
Uh-oh, spotted by a sharp-eyed Scissortail Sergeant! (Scissortail Sergeant (because everyone likes a bad joke): Eh, I'm striped actually)

Kissy kissy!
Mmmooorgggh! Noooooo! Please, please! No kissy kissy!

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At March 05, 2007 11:11 am , Anonymous mike said...

The world of our Father is full of many beautiful colors! Like a painting!! Instant fave. What camera did you use?


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