Sunday, May 20, 2007

An Encouraging Weekend

Despite the terrible overnighter on Saturday, immense thanks to God for the rest of the weekend which has been nothing but a series of booster shots of encouragement, at just the right time, to keep on keeping on in the truth: She-Of-The-Straight-Fringe who, living alone in a foreign land, braves steep slopes, crazy river-crossings and assorted exotic irritants like scabies to bring help to remote villagers; the new and sleep-deprived father who is happy to share the burden of nightly feeds and nappy-changing with his tired wife; the quiet chap who, for love and not just duty, visits his nan every week; fellow-travellers with whom one can discuss travel plans and who walk alongside for as far as God graciously permits; the old uni friend who is giving up his full-time job to tent-make and build bridges for the gospel; the ex-DG-mate who spoke of the chain of faithful men and women in her life who put her on the path of eternal life and is absolutely eager to point her flatmate to the same road; the pariah in certain social circles who is more concerned with the eternal welfare of others than wallowing in self-pity... And last week, the mate who, early-morning appointment notwithstanding, was willing, with great patience, to discuss into the wee hours the ways and means of responding biblically to a certain situation.

The encouragement is not that any these people make me feel better about myself, but that the way that their minds, hearts and lives are growing more and more to reflect the glory of Christ shouts of what a great God we have; it reminds me of the wonderful truth of the gospel, the urgency to keep at the work Christ entrusted to us, the frail human love whose beauty is but a pale shadow of the mind-blowingly more wonderful love of God, the real and demonstrable work of the Spirit in the lives of God's children and how worthwhile it is to run with perseverance and joy the race that is before us.

Totally thank God for them and for his work in them. :-)

Mosaic of Encouraging Weekend

Cuba Libre
Block B Clarke Quay
The Foundry #01-13
Tel: 6338 8982

Bontá Italian Restaurant & Bar
207 River Valley Road #01-61
UE Square River Wing
Tel: 6333 8875



At May 21, 2007 12:40 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i luv the Mojito at Cuba Libre! last month before Kandi, we went to Cuba Libre and i had the Strawberry Mojito too! damn, the waiters are HAWT there.


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