Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Bicycle Polo

Some Day, this will come to fruition.

Bicycle Polo with Umbrella = Fail
It seemed a brilliant idea fished from the murky polluted-river-y depths of my mind: bicycles + upturned umbrellas as mallets + a ball = bicycle polo. Brilliant!

A google of the term revealed, of course, that the too-poor-for-ponies-much-less-a-pachyderm Indian commonmen invented it about a century ago when horse and elephant polo were the games of choice of British colonials and the Maharajah respectively.

And apparently the depths of people's minds are murkier than mine because real bicycle polo cycles come with no brakes. And even braking facilities did not prevent me from tripping over and almost impaling myself on the pointy end of the brolly, so probably vastly more refinement needed before throwing some youth at this game at camp.

Some Day...

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