Monday, February 08, 2010

Midlake, the Courage of Others Failed. Not Having Faith in the Acts of a Man, the Ruler Ruling All Things

Ju Bao Hong Kong Cuisine

We were discussing a nutritious serving of Mark 4:35-5:43 over an equally tasty lunch. It is already a great comfort that Jesus demonstrates not only that he has authority over all nature (the storm), over all the supernatural/Satan (the legion-demon-possessed man), over life and death itself (Jairus' daughter); even more so that he is not using his great power in arrogant self-sufficiency and selfish showmanship like the flamboyant Samson of Judges 16; and most fantastic of all, that in his demonstration of sovereign rule over all things, he is reversing the effects of the Fall - the rebellion of creation (the storm), the temporary (though doomed) sub-rule of Satan in this world (the violent, malevolent demon-possessed man), and death (cf Genesis 3).

Therefore, if we are in him, there is no need to fear in any circumstance since Jesus has control over everything. And there is no need to fear his unparallelled power either; instead we should have faith in him, because he intends to return all things to their proper order under God.

Random earworms:

Midlake, The Courage of Others - Acts of Man

Midlake, The Courage of Others - Rulers Ruling All Things

The Irrepressibles, Mirror, Mirror - In This Shirt

The XX, xx - Crystalised



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