Sunday, December 05, 2004

Farm Dream

Wandered through the ulu lanes of Lim Chu Kang where the air was cleaner and easier to breathe (except when the wind blew in the distinctive smell of bovine dung) and ended up at “Poison Ivy” for lunch. “Poison Ivy” is a café on a 10-acre organic farm (called “Bollywood Veggies”) run by the indomitable Netball Singapore president Ivy Singh-Lim and her husband. Sitting there with the sun shining on our faces, a sea of fresh healthy green plants on either side, and a silence broken only by the faraway chirping of birds and rustling of leaves in the light breeze, I dreamt of a place of my own: waking in the cool crisp dawn, showering alfresco, warmed by the rays of the rising sun, pottering around feeding the chickens, ducks and turkeys and the fish in the pond, picking up the fresh milk from my doorstep, scenting the morning air with freshly-brewed coffee, having a slow breakfast while reading the papers… But money used solely for something only I can enjoy seems too much of a waste. It would be difficult to see how such a ulu place could be used for ministry; it’s far too difficult to get to for bible study or evangelistic events. The time is short and getting the gospel out to people is far more important and urgent than wasting my saved life lounging around on a farm in selfish enjoyment.

We passed another organic farm and picked up some bread and freshly-plucked veggies and herbs there and bottles of fresh milk from a nearby dairy on our way home, gleefully refreshed by nature.



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