Thursday, March 17, 2005

Side Effects of Being Christian

On one of our weekly late night jazz drives, someone noted that one of the side benefits of being Christian and learning to lead bible studies is the translatability to the workplace of the social and intellectual skills learnt: presenting information in a clear but faithful manner, always backed up with evidence, and dealing with antagonistic people calmly and with dignity and love. I think this works as well for people who do not lead but learn to read the bible for themselves and to love their DG mates.

Would it be complete misrepresentation to put out an ad for courses in presentation and EQ and then teach eager students the gospel? Many a missionary has gone into a "closed country" as an English teacher and taught English from the bible.

Noticed another side effect this week. Faced with an "important" board meeting and a bible study on the same day, realised that I lack the same fear of the higher echelons of the corporate food chain as many others and seem to be have been shielded from the nervous, too-loud laughter at jokes of the powers-that-be and the scurrying around and hasty promises of acquiring the moon and the stars. I can speak to the richest man in Singapore as to an equal, without bowing or scraping.

An idea for a course in self-confidence? Perhaps. Self-confidence that can only come not from any power of positive-thinking and self-valuation of myself in grand Rollo May style, but with knowing and being known by the Creator and having a relationship with One who is above all powers and authorities. This, surely, is freedom indeed.


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