Sunday, May 15, 2005

Wa Mmh Si Hokkien Lang

shadow:Eh. Wa sunday ke Zouk, lu eh sai boh?
Char Tau: Ahrrr? Wa buay sai lah! Wa mmh si lancing lancing lang lah.
shadow: Lu bak chew tak stamp ah? Mmh si lisco lah. Si frea makit lah.
Char Tau: Ohrrr...anneh kwan ah... ke frea market zou si mi?
shadow: kia lai kia ker, looksee-looksee, kwa chioh bu lor.
Char Tau: Ohrrr... Lu jin jiat ungodly lei... eh sai! eh sai!
[Note to reader: only joking about the chio bu lah...unless chio in the 1 Peter 3 sense.]

The dancefloor as you've never seen it...

Wanting to tell your grandparents the gospel of life? But lu only chiak kantang, buay hiao kong?

Mai peng san, mai pai se, mai kia. The written Chinese version of Two Ways to Live can be found here. I've also got a friend who painstakingly translated Two Ways to Live into Hokkien for her gran. Mail me if you need the Hokkien pinyin.


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