Monday, March 26, 2007

Project Timothy: Ministry Matters 2007

Project Timothy: Ministry Matters
A much smaller gathering at Gallery Hotel (infamous for a lift system to rival Hogwarts', room numbers on the floor to fool n00bs and frosted glass bathrooms to be shared with strangers) this year than in 2006 and 2005, but no matter, it was great to catch-up over catered meals and a supper stroll down Mohammed Sultan with the usual suspects and rejoice at how God has been using them in the past year for his kingdom, meet new people absolutely keen on serving the Lord and chewing over how best to order the rest of their lives to do so and discuss, over late-night drinks, exciting ministry plans (God willing) for the future. David Jackman's talks on Titus were highly encouraging and his topical talks on discipleship and pastoral care, solid good sense.
David Jackman speaking at Project Timothy's Ministry Matters
Here're some poor recordings of the proceedings. Do order the hi-fi stuff from Project Timothy's tape order page (how retro!) for your own retention and to give away to people who will find them useful. It'll give Project Timothy a bit of pocket money to fund their good work.

List of Talks
Exposition 1: Titus 1
Exposition 2: Titus 2
Exposition 3: Titus 3

Topical Talk 1: Growing Strong Disciples in the Local Church
Topical Talk 2: Pastoring Real-Life Issues in the Local Church

Pump up the volume! (Not a figure of speech. The recordings are really that lo-fi.)



At March 30, 2007 11:55 pm , Anonymous ted said...

wow you weren't kidding abt the volume!

thx anyways. any recordings of the workshops?


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