Monday, April 23, 2007

The Casino Royale Game

Pizza and Beer at Timbre
Friday night was normal enough, catching up and chowing down with some ex-DG peeps at Timbre and listening to Timmy's stand-in bop through next generation's easy listening menu of Green Day, Coldplay, Maroon 5 and a song dedicated to a Vivian (whom it must have been painful to smooch), "Lips of an Angle (sic)".

1700 hours Saturday evening to 1230 hours Sunday, however, the applicants for double-0 agent status were legging it around Singapore in the Casino Royale Game induction programme.

Team Wagon
Our team wagon was decently-equipped with 5 laptops, 1 M1 wireless broadband router for a bouncy wifi bubble, 1 extension cord for juice-sharing, 4 phone cameras, a pair of walkie-talkies, 1 GPS kit, 5 bottles of water, 2 toolboxes, a bunch of bananas, a roll of toilet paper, a diving torch for boinking sharks on the nose (if necessary), killer wasabe seaweed snacks and a terry-cloth elephant named Ganesh (who spent the first hour warming the bananas and was thereafter relegated to the boot).

Tummies ruled the day with enquiries about dinner before The Game commenced and the driver needing to be fed every 4 hours (and the rest needing resupplying at various other times):
1800 (before solving 1st clue): McDonald's, Bras Basah for burgers.

1850 (2nd pitstop): stocked up on bao, pancakes and currypuffs.

2030 (working on 4th clue): a round of drinks at McDonald's, Liang Court.

2235 (5th pitstop): Applicant M had 5 groundnuts. (Actually meant to be a sort of penalty.)

Couples/Singles Clue and Kopitiam Coma
0020 (working on 7th clue): we were truly foiled by food. A mini-wok of fried chilli chicken rice, a huge plate of carrot cake, another plate of oyster omelette and several plates of dim sum later, we all succumbed to a 2-hour food-induced coma.

Changi Airport Clue
The Changi Airport Run-around

0520 (9th clue): backseat folk nibbled on a string of jelly beans that constituted the 9th clue.

0800 (working on clue 12): teas, milos, pratas and wanton noodles at Seah Im.

0900 (working on clue 13): canned drinks at Science Hub.

Welcome Mat at SIS HQ
1130 (end point): there were snacks at the MI6 Secret Intelligence Service Headquarters at Oglivy Centre but we were too zonked to eat much. Wound down by attempting to play Saboteur.
Saboteur at SIS HQ
(All timings very approximate.)

Double-crossed and In the DarkPolite Double-crosser
In the end, we were rather gobsmacked to have won the game. Better still, even though most of the other Games awarded only bragging rights to winners, we got an S$80 voucher for Brewerkz. Neat.

Many thanks to:
  • our ignorance (or our blatant lack of attention at the intro briefing) that asking for help was permitted, we saved on penalty points for hint-whoring;
  • the technologically souped-up wagon;
  • the frontseat "20 is space in ASCII" meta-cryptographer Google-king;
  • the driver, the back window of whose wagon we had to frequently scrape our faces off, whose constant practice in bad jokes came in useful and who appeared to sporadically download the collective consciousness of Game Control ("Suntec Skygarden!", "UE Square!", "Reflections at Bukit Chandu!");
  • the teamleader for sharp eyes, working knowledge of many things and loads of enthusiasm;
  • the other backseater who was ace in Japanese hieroglyphics and pop culture jingles; and
  • the combined general knowledge pool.
(I was good only for brute force attacks and hacking. In a most literal way.)

Loads of thanks to Agents X, M (whom we discovered was male (and probably heterosexual) and therefore, had not wished to bond with us the previous night), O, T, J and Q, the Stanford chaps who'd planned this inaugural Game in Singapore and who'd stayed cheerful (but hungry) through the night at SIS HQ and not drunk at Long Bar, Raffles Hotel. Especially loved the Dove Soap and X-ray clues but most of all, the dead cool CD containing interactive software. (Let us not make mention of laws of the land that were tickled in the process.)

Fairly decent overnighter fun that has spawned some ideas for youth camp wide games (toned down of course, without them ASCII hexadecimal things).

Semper OccultusTill next time!

PS: Game Control's post-game blog here - game stats, meta-clue solution and clue debriefs.

(In other news, while trying not to fall asleep at work today, was hauled up by The Boss. Fortunately, it wasn't a ticking-off for skiving but a nod of the head and a pay raise. Phew. Just about enough for the desperately-needed haircut. The hair, like Neil Gaiman's mop, looks like it's getting ready to escape from my head and go hunting for weasels.)

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At April 24, 2007 4:01 pm , Anonymous ki said...

can u post the clues and solutions? or must i ask the organizers?

At April 25, 2007 11:29 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

$80 only AH? How to pay for ur usual vol of drinks HA? ^_^

At April 26, 2007 11:48 am , Anonymous xez said...

yr companies posted massive profits so hope it was a good pay increase....lucky sod -drinks on you next time!!

At April 26, 2007 11:49 am , Anonymous xez said...

yr companies posted massive profits so hope it was a good pay increase....lucky sod -drinks on you next time!!

At April 26, 2007 12:55 pm , Blogger shadow said...

ki: think best ask Game Control.

rest of you: eh, not to sound alcoholic hor, but I have been happening upon these bottles stashed in nooks and crannies. (Aiyah, must put in cool dry places mah.) Am sure I haven't found them all but current haul should suffice for a small party?

Approximate listing (as of today):
1 Below 42 (Manuka Honey)
1 Below 42 (plain)
1 Absolut Kurant
1 Absolut 100 (50% alc)

1 Cockburn Special Reserve
1 Cockburn LBV
some Graham vintages

1 Glenmorangie single malt

Other Spirits and Stuff
1 J├Ągermeister
1 Cointreau
1 Bacardi
some Bols (for colourful tongues)
2 Benedictine Dom (for fusion cocktails)
embarrassingly enough, also some Baileys

some cabernet sauvignon types
some chardonnays
2 gew├╝rztraminers
think also got 1/2 riesling

1 pack of Hoegaarden
1 pack of Heineken

There's also a case of wine that I laid down some years ago to be drunk about now. (But original timing might be off so must see how.)

At April 26, 2007 4:58 pm , Anonymous roop said...


At April 26, 2007 8:23 pm , Blogger shadow said...

1 Southern Comfort
1 Campari

At April 27, 2007 12:14 pm , Anonymous xez said...

u def need help wif all that :)

At April 28, 2007 2:06 pm , Blogger shadow said...

1 Pernod
1 Bombay Sapphire

At April 29, 2007 1:42 pm , Anonymous mr temporal said...

"drink for the stomach and the stomach for drink" i say :)

At May 04, 2007 5:16 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

check out other blogs:


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