Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Rani Singam and the Half Past Late Organ Trio

Rani Singam at Barstop, Devonshire Road
Bar Stop on Tuesdays. Schnapps, margaritas, beers on tap, 30-year whiskeys. A jazz chanteuse sings into a night of lacquered black and burnished gold. Her voice is tawny port. It is good to sip it, to let out the held breath of constant travel and savour thoughts of a week of consecutive days in the same bed, of fully unpacking the luggage, of purchasing perishables from the grocers, of making appointments without caveats, to bask in the glow of friendship.

There are friends air-kissing, friends back-slapping, friends swapping tips and updates, friends swooning at the front table, friends matchmaking, friends not sneaking out the backdoor, friends pressed into singing two songs in the second set, friends yelling yeh! yeh!, friends leaning on each other, friends with permed hair, friends laughing at friends with permed hair.

Scatting and cajoling, bantering and ribbing, sweating and bopping, fuelled by Smart Alex the barman, Rani Singam and the Half Past Late Organ Trio swing the final set to a heppin' hot end: Chok Kerong on organ, Andrew Lim on guitar and Darren Moore on drums, everybody! Thank you and good night!

Why, asks Kerong wandering up to our table, coiling the wires to his little red organ round his elbow and back up to his hand, are you guys still here?

More chatter and the dredging of glasses.

Outside, the midnight air is cool and sweet for a walk with friends.

Bar Stop
6 Devonshire Road
Singapore 239844
Tel: +65 6735 6614

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