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Jewel Coffee and the Gem of Micah

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Jewel Coffee at One Shenton Way - another artisan coffee joint but one stuffed with coffee toys for its single origin beans. At the brew bar - Hario V60, Hario Siphon, Chemex; for the espresso crowd - a manual La Marzocco Strada...and an Uber Boiler. Win.

And we're having another go at Micah:

Q: What genre of literature is this?
series of visions?/prophecies with loads of literary devices

Q: How then should we read/interpret Micah?

Q: When did Micah prophesy?
1:1 - in the days of Jotham, Ahaz, Hezekiah - kings of Judah

He was a contemporary of Hosea (Hosea 1:1) and Isaiah (Isaiah 1:1), roughly in 8th century B.C. The reigns of Judean kings: Jotham (about 750–735 B.C.), Ahaz (about 735–715 B.C.) and Hezekiah (about 715–687 B.C.).

Q: To whom did Micah prophesy?
Possibly spoke God's warnings to both Israel (aka Samaria, the northern kingdom) until they went into exile in Assyria, and to Judah (aka Jerusalem, the southern kingdom). Yet, also to the whole world (1:2)

[Q: What is the point of prophesy?]

Q: What was Micah/God's warning?
Impending destruction/judgment from God due to their sin and transgression (1:2-7,12-16).

Q: What is notable about coming destruction/judgment?
The destruction/judgment will fit their crime:
  • they were proud and coveted the fields of others, oppressed them and left them destitute, therefore they too will be oppressed and ruined and they shall have neither land nor people left after God is done with them (2:1-5)
  • their leaders and rulers are themselves the purveyors of injustice and terror and falsehood and greed when the judges should be the ones discerning what is unjust and the rulers be the ones doing what is right. Since they ignored the good of the people, therefore God will no longer answer them so they will no longer be able to discern or understand (3:1-12)
Similar to the "giving over" of Romans?

Q: Micah 6-7 presents the imagery of a court case. What is the charge?
Covenant violation. God reminds them of covenantal obligations and of his own faithfulness to his promises, and in contrast, their flagrant breaches.

Their breaches are not the lack of sacrifices but their disobedience - not doing justice, nor loving kindness nor walking humbly before their God (6:8). They had already been given prior notice of these requirements. Instead they indulged in injustice, violence and deceit.

Q: What was the judgment and punishment?
Guilty. Since they did not honour the giver of the covenant, they would not be able to enjoy the good land that God had given them - neither the fruit of the land, nor the relationships with each other (6:13-7:6).

Q: Why weren't the people given due warning of impending disaster through usual channels?
Preachers were false (1:6)
People wanted falsehood (1:11)

Q: What emotion does God demonstrate as he warns the people through Micah?

Q: What does this tell you about God?

Q: In line with such a marvellous character, what further promises does God give?
Reversal and fulfilment (4-5, 7:8-20). God will do a deep clean (5:10-15). New land, new people, new king.

Q: In contrast with current situation, what would future hold?
God's laws would be learnt, there would be justice and peace.

Q: How would promising promised future happen?
Shepherd ruler will gather, protect, forgive

Q: How does God sign off so the people would know that God was trustworthy?
Reminder that he had been concerned for the Israelites since the time of Moses and that did what he said he would at the Exodus.

In Jeremiah 26:18, the elders of the land observe the influence of Micah's words on Hezekiah (cf Micah 3:12). Yet we know that this didn't last long and Judah was carted off by the Babylonians.

Q: Has promised future occurred?

Q: Now how?

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